Our work
Reshaping a leading marine services company
Improving operational outcomes in order to deliver on business strategy
Specialist marine services company
The challenge:
The marine services market leader was facing challenging times due to a combination of declining global commodity and oil prices, increasing competition within the sector and customer demand for more sophisticated products.

Whilst the company embarked on a growth strategy to extend its market offering and enter new territories, an operational department – comprising procurement, technical and nautical services – was struggling to deliver services at the requisite level and within the required performance parameters.

PSP Icon was appointed to develop improvement recommendations for the fleet management department.

Our approach:

Using our Target Operating Model (TOM) process we undertook a deep analysis of the fleet management division. Taking into consideration the contextual challenges facing the business, we developed and implemented a new organisational model to optimise operational effectiveness whilst ensuring it was aligned to the overall business strategy.

A holistic assessment of the department was undertaken using the Galbraith Five-Star model. Through this we determined issues with the reporting and communication flow across departmental silos.

In order to overcome these issues we developed and implemented a new operating model. This included a new organisational structure, revised job profiles and redesigned processes.

The results we achieved:

A simplified operating model with better alignment between the operationl department and commercial business units was implemented. This resulted in the leveraging of specialist skills across different lines of business. Feedback from key stakeholders indicated a vast improvement in engagement and commitment from staff under the new operating model and improved service delivery.