Our services
We work closely with our clients to develop solutions that help resolve their business challenges. We offer a unique blend of skills and a strategy-first approach, ensuring that the journey from development to implementation enables our client to achieve their business goals.
Operations Management
Organisational Design
Customer Centricity
Specialist Partners
At PSP Icon we ensure we have an in-depth understanding of a business’s operating environment and how the business intends to compete. We develop strategies based on data, enhanced by our deep industry insights.
Strategy development
We believe strategy is an ongoing process. We help managers think differently about their organisations and provide them with the tools to continue meaningful conversations once we have left.

Strategic research
We specialise in strategies based on facts and data. We offer industry, competitor, and customer desktop research services.
Business model design
We work with our clients to review and refresh their business models ensuring that their value propositions remain relevant, operations are efficiently organised and that economic value is sustained.
Modelling and decision support
We provide economic modeling services to inform a company’s strategy and enable more effective decision-making.

Operations Management
We work with companies to optimise their business activities along the entire value chain in order to unlock value.
Efficiency and cost reduction
We approach efficiency and cost reduction from the bottom-up and top-down. By mapping see where these variables intersect, we are able to provide improvement strategies.
Business Process Reengineering Effectiveness and performance improvements
We identify operational inefficiencies and mismanagement through our BPR processes, with a focus on people as the drivers of change.
Target Operating Model
We design a top-down future state for how the organisation should work with an intended outcome of operational effectiveness aligned to the strategy.

Organisational Design
Our design methodology seeks to identify dysfunctional aspects of an organisation and to develop systems to realign these. We focus on creating bespoke structures that meet the unique needs of an organisation.
Organisational Design
We believe that key to breaking down organisational silos is the identification of lateral connections between departments. We have a design-led approach that ensures we meet an organisation’s goals.

Customer Centricity
PSP focuses on a customer-centric marketing philosophy and has the appropriate skills to align all aspects of your organisation to deliver on this.
Market and customer research
We conduct research to understand the unique needs, behaviour and value of the customer in order to determine how your organisation can meet these needs.
Segmentation and Customer Value Proposition
We provide customer segmentation and develop value propositions for each segment.

Customer Experience: VOC and Journey Map
By mapping the customer journey and understanding the critical touch points between you and your customer, we help organisations offer an excellent customer experience.

Channel Strategy: CRM and Sales
We work with organisations to assess the effectiveness of their CRM strategies and investigate effective and efficient channel delivery.

Our change management strategies ensure successful strategic implementation across the organisation. We equip leadership teams with the insights and techniques to achieve this.
Programme design and setup
We ensure that strategic objectives translate into a project plan that can be implemented with measureable outcomes.

Programme and project management
We focus on stakeholder engagement, change management, communications and mobilisation to ensure the timeous achievement of key milestones.

Change management
We offer an end-to-end change management programme that ensures the sustainability of change in an organisation through the transfer of skills.

We offer strategic and applied sustainability solutions that are directed at assisting companies to establish a platform of resilience, or advantage. We offer advisory, facilitation, reporting and assurance services that are aligned with global and local best practice standards and methodologies.
Integrated and Sustainability Reporting
Using the most widely recognised reporting standards and frameworks, such as <IR>, GRI Standards and the Sustainable Development Goals, we provide clients with reporting services that deliver on high-level outcomes and objectives.
GHG Inventory/Carbon Footprint
Our carbon footprint services assist companies to align with the South African GHG Reporting Regulations, and to unlock operational efficiencies. We are able to offer reporting services that are aligned with the Corporate Standard and/ IPCC, and we make use of industry software which ensures accuracy and data integrity, even with large scope and boundary projects.
Sustainability Strategy/Planning
PSP-Icon is able to offer strategic planning, facilitation and implementation services where corporate sustainability is concerned. Our team has extensive experience in developing and enabling solutions that are outcomes focused.
Specialist Partners
Our alliance partners augment our service offering with highly specialised skills, aligned to our clients needs.
Nexia SAB&T
Through access to Nexia SAB&T's broad range of specialist business advisory services, PSP Icon can offer our clients a national network of accounting, audit, compliance, forensic and risk services.