Our work
Aligning leading university’s operations to strategy
Redesign of service offerings in response to a pressing need for transformation
The situation:
At the end of the 2015 academic year, South Africa’s higher education environment was rocked by calls for social justice, culminating in the #FeesMustFall movement. Higher education institutions in South Africa bore the brunt of this and many were not prepared to manage the fallout between students, university authorities and management.

UCT was one of the institutions hard hit by the unrest. The office expected to deal with this issue was the Transformation Services Office (TSO). This office consisted of three separate entities focusing on disabilities, HIV/Aids and Harassment. However, the most pressing issue facing the University was now social justice and transformation, and it was determined it was not receiving the attention it warranted at a strategic level.

Our approach:

PSP Icon compiled a services dictionary of all transformational services offered. We determined where gaps existed and analysed customer satisfaction of existing services.  Recommendations on a proposed organisational structure and process re-design was submitted and approved.

The results we achieved:

The management of the various operational transformational services has been improved with clearer spans of control, role definition and reporting lines.

Social justice and transformation, a cornerstone of UCT’s revised strategy, now has the prominence within the organisational structure of the University that it deserves.