Our work
Strategy Facilitation for International Financial Services Client
Strategic review results in the optimisation of the company’s sales footprint
The challenge:

A major African division of this international client was underperforming. The division, responsible for driving the company’s African expansion, was not effectively managing its distribution channels.

Our approach:

In line with PSP’s focus on having an in-depth understanding of a business’s operating environment, PSP facilitated on-site strategy sessions with all major stakeholders within the organisation. Following these sessions we analysed the information received from management and developed dashboards to more effectively monitor key distribution metrics across channels.

Taking into account factors including regulatory changes, sales quality and other risks, we concluded that the company would benefit from a smaller, more focused distribution force.

Our analysis of five-years of sales data also showed that the contract sales force was more than twice as productive as the permanent sales force. This key growth opportunity had, to date, been largely untapped.

The results we achieved:

With the dashboards we developed, the company now has a clear view of its distribution metrics, enabling it to better manage its distribution channels. Through our review process our client was also able to ensure that it was compliant with a significant change in industry legislation ahead of a critical audit. Our advice on how to correct distribution sizing and structure has enabled the client to optimise its sales footprint.